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Our way of Chiropractic treatment is gradual recovery process.
You will improve your body’s physical function little by little after taking 6 to 10 times within 3 to 6 months.

Our treatment is gently applied to your body and don’t force to a spinal joint like a short and sharp motion done on your spine.
You may not feel what has been done when you take our treatment first time.
We focus on the body’s ability to self-heal.

Our treatment will release:
* Headaches
* Autonomic disorders
* Dizziness
* Sciatic nerve pain
* Shoulder pain
Our treatment is not better for sports injuries.

If you call for making a reservation on the same day reservation may not be reserved in full.
We appreciate if you could plan ahead and make your reservation several days in advance.

We suggest that you go see a different type of chiropractor if you expect to:

* have treatment like being pushed hard on your spine with their hands for chiropractic adjustment.
* feel immediately the changes in your body right after performing chiropractic adjustment.
* be released from pain caused by a road accident or sport injury.
* have treatment done on the day you call.
* get better with just one time treatment.

This writing are translated by one of our customer.

Let’s aim for a healthy body little by little!

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